What will I wear?

You can bring several different outfits to your session! Try to stay away from busy prints and clothes with large logos. If it you will have more than one person being photographed, make sure their clothes coordinate (not match!). Generally, you should pick three colors one of them should be a neutral (khaki, black, white, grey etc). You can also add a fourth color for a bit of extra pizazz! Combine basic prints, stripes, and solid colors for the most eye pleasing photos. Don't forget those accessories! Hats, scarves, and jewelry can turn a good photo into a great photo!




You need to decide how you want me to deliver your images to you.

  • I recommend that you purchase your prints through me. I use a professional printing lab that produces a quality of images that you won't get from printing them at a drugstore or a supermarket. When you order from me, you will receive photos that look amazing and will last for generations.
  • Secondly, I know from experience that when you get a CD with your pictures on them, you will likely never print most of them. CDs don't look good hanging on your wall!
  • Want to order prints from me, but still want pictures to put on Facebook? I will give you a disk of low resolution, watermarked images when you order prints. These pictures will not be good for printing, but they will be perfect for sharing with your friends and family on the internet! For every photo that your order prints of, you will get that image on the CD for FREE!
  • You will receive a basic print package with your session. It includes 1-8x10, 2-5x7s, and 3-4x6s


How do I schedule a session? And what happens next?

Scheduling a session is easy! You can call or text me at (318) 680-1244, email me at woodruffbn@yahoo.com, or message me on Facebook here. Once we schedule your appointment and you send your deposit, we will talk about what to wear and where we will have your session. Then we will go over our contract and sign it. That ensures that we both know the procedures of the session. After the session, I will post a few sneak peeks on Facebook (if you want). Then as I start editing all of your photos, I will upload them to a locked gallery on my website so that you can proof them. I will email you the link and your password for you to access the gallery. The last step is the most fun: you get to choose which pictures to hang on your wall! If you choose to order prints from me, all you have to do is comment on each photo in the gallery that you want to order and let me know what size you want in each pose. Once I get your pictures, I will deliver them along with a CD with the low resolution Facebook files for you to use online (not for printing). If you prefer to order them yourself, I will deliver the CD to you that will have both high resolution (for printing) and low resolution (for web use) files. 


I ordered a CD of my session. Where should I print them?


I recommend using mpix.com. They are the best consumer level printer that you will find. If you want the photos to look the same as they do in your gallery, you have to use a great printing service! Mpix is easy to use- you upload your photos online and have them shipped to your door. You spent your money on a professional photographer, why would you waste that on an inferior printing service?